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A Mostly Comprehensive Résumé of Projects and Credits

2007 -2010, Exile Games Studio/Jeff Combos, “Secrets of the Surface World,” writing credit for rules/mechanics, playtesting, post-production proof editing/review;  “Mysteries of the Hollow Earth,” writing credit for rules/mechanics and sample characters, editing, playtesting, layout review & proofing (2009); “Free RPG Day Adventure: A Nightmare at the Museum!”, author (2010).

2009-2010, Radioactive Ape Designs/Colin Chapman, “Atomic Highway” and “Irradiated Freaks,” Line/Copy Editor, contributing writer, playtesting, layout review & proofing (2009-2010); “ION GUARD for ICONS,” Line/Copy Editor, contributing writer, playtesting, layout review & proofing (2010)

2010, Reality Blurs/Sean Preston, Copy Editor on various adventures & supplements for “Iron Dynasty,” “Realms of Cthulhu,” the “Old School Fantasy” series of adventures, and Line/Copy Editor on the “Agents of Oblivion” and “Ravaged Earth (Revised)” core books.

2010 to 2013, Triple Ace Games/Paul Wiggy Wade-Williams, Line/Copy Editor, “All for One: Régime Diabolique” corebook, layout review & proofing, playtesting the adventure series and the “Richelieu’s Guide” PDF supplement series for “All for One: Régime Diabolique” (all 12 volumes). Line/Copy Editor and contributing writer, the “Leagues of Adventure” corebook & free adventure/preview, Line/Copy Editor for “The Great Game” trilogy of adventures for LoA written by Sarah Newton, and the LoA “Globetrotter’s Guide” PDF supplement series (edited the first 9 of 12 volumes).

2011 to 2013, Evil Hat Productions, Line/Copy Editor for “Storm of the Century,” an adventure for “Spirit of the Century.” Line/Copy Editor for “Strange Tales of the Century” by Jess Nevins (an encyclopedic supplement incorporating the pulps of the 1930’s through the 1950’s and from around the world into Spirit of the Century and the Century Club setting; release, 2013). Line/Copy Editor for Fate Core Worlds: “CAMELOT Trigger” by Rob Wieland.

2012, Josh Mannon, “Within the Devil’s Reach” and “The Skies Over Danbury” (adventure series for Dungeon World).

2013, Atomic Overmind Press/Hal Mangold, Line/Copy Editor for adaptation of Kenneth Hite’s “Day After Ragnarok” for Fate Core.

2012 to present, Green Ronin: Primary Line/Copy Editor for the Ennie Award winning “Night’s Watch” supplement for “A Song of Ice and Fire” RPG, and the Ennie Award-nominated “The Dragon’s Hoard” mega-adventure for “A Song of Ice and Fire RPG” (Summer 2016); “Woodland Creatures,” a PDF supplement in the first of a series for the Chronicle System (ASoIaF system), “Out of Strife, Prosperity”, the “Chronicle of Sorcery”, Jack Norris’s AGE Bestiaries #1, “Chronicle Creatures: Mountain Terrors”, Chronicle System “Spark to Powder” (2015-16), “Chronicle Creatures: Desert Threats” (2017).

2015, Wizards of the Coast/Green Ronin, Primary Team Editor for Green Ronin on Wizards of the Coast’s Ennie-Award nominated “Out of the Abyss,” mega-adventure (2015).

2012 to present, Rogue Games/Richard Iorio, Primary Line/Copy Editor for “Colonial Gothic 2e”, “Colonial Gothic – The Lost Colony” (2013), “Shadow, Sword & Spell – The Stew (An Adventure)”(2013), “Shadow, Sword & Spell – Player” (2014), “Shadow, Sword & Spell – Gamemaster (2014)”, “Colonial Gothic Player’s Guide” (2014), “Shadow, Sword & Spell – Magic (2015)”, several Colonial Gothic and SS&S adventures (The Stew, Popham, Lost Colony, The Landlord’s Daughter, The Embrace, 2014-16), the Ennie Award-nominated “The Lovecraft Bestiary” (2015), “Colonial Gothic – Gamemaster” (2016), “Colonial Gothic – The Defeated Dead” (2016);  Colonial Gothic Player’s Guide v2” (2016); “Book Learnin’, short story for 2d12 Thoughts/CG blog (2017); “Colonial Gothic 3e” (2017), “Shadow, Sword & Spell 2e” (2017), “The Road to Norumbega,” (adventure, release early 2018), and “The Colonial Gothic Atlas” (supplement, release early 2018).

2016 to present, Galileo Games/Brennan Taylor, Line/Copy Editing & Rules Review/Playtesting for “Warrior Princesses in the Realm of the Everafter” and “Tales of the Warrior Princesses (release in early 2018).

2016 to present, Schwalb Entertainment, LLC, Line/Copy Editor on supplements and adventures for “Shadow of the Demon Lord” (SotDL) and “Godless”: supplements for SotDL, “Stolen Lives,” “Noisome Beasts,” “For Gold and Glory,” (2016); “Forgeborn & Magicmade,” “Song of the Woad,” “Paths of Power,” “Path of Battle,” “Born to Kill,” “City of Chains,” “Ghastly Gourmands,” “Grand Duchy,” “Uncommon Courage,” “Caecras,” and “Low Country” (2017); adventures for SotDL: “One Perfect Moment” (2016); “Saving Face,” “Quintet” (2017), and “The Queen of Gold: Tales of the Pirate Isles (mega-adventure, release early 2018); adventures for “Godless”: “In a Pig’s Eye”, “Dancing in the Ruins” (2016),  and “Last One Standing” (2017).

2017 to present, SagaBorn Games, Line/Copy Editor on “SagaBorn RPG” (2017).

2017 to present, PlayIris, Line/Copy Editor for “Iris: Adventure Game” RPG, in development (Kickstarter and release mid-to-late 2018).

NOTE: There is a metric butt-tonne of uncredited writing, revisions, re-writing, and playtesting done in much of the above as well, along with a lot of other stuff NOT listed, so there’s a lot more we can do for you as needed that might not be reflected above. From light to substantive editing, or long-term development to swift project turnaround… we’ve done it all!